roof vacuuming

The premier roof vacuuming company in the business for the last 40 years, Adler has been rated as one of the best in the industry by the Better Business Bureau. Adler is known for its high quality service, great prices and professional workmanship. It has always been a top contender for any roof repair job in San Diego. They are always on time, and this is a great benefit to customers since most customers can’t afford to wait too long for a project to be completed.


One of the more popular services Adler offers is their High Velocity Vacuum, which is one of the top rated vacuum units on the market. This vacuum is equipped with a powerful motor that will easily clean all types of roof surfaces without leaving them behind with the least amount of dirt or debris. Adler also offers their Energy Collection System that uses a patented high-velocity fan that captures and redirects the sun’s energy so that it does not damage your roof or gutters. It also uses the Energy Collection System to keep the unit charged, even when it is turned off.


When Adler is not doing roof vacuuming they have many different services available. They have their Gravel and Rock Vacuum as well as their Rock & Turf Vacuum. Their Gravel and Rock Vacuum is equipped with two different sized nozzles to pick up debris and clean large areas. With their Rock Vacuum they can remove the smallest particles and get the dirtiest grit out of the smallest crevices while their Gravel and Turf Vacuum will efficiently remove small twigs, rocks, and fallen leaves from your roof.