slate roofing

What are Slate Roofing Tiles made of? Slate is a naturally occurring stone that is formed when metamorphosed earth takes the shape of its parent rock. It’s an incredibly beautiful, unique material which has been utilized as a building material, both for millennia and more, throughout Earth’s history. Slate roof tiles usually come in two choices: soft slate and hard slate. This is because hard slate is much more durable than soft slate, which is more susceptible to dents, dings, and other types of damages.

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You may think that you don’t have room to decide between these two varieties of stone because they are so similar, but it’s actually pretty easy to determine which one you want. Soft slate roofing tiles have been pre-natural, while hard slate roofing has had the surface smoothed out. This is usually done with the use of pressure-treated aggregates, a type of chemical that can really help reduce the wear and tear on your roof. After this process has taken place, the stone will look much like new, which is why many people prefer slate roofing for their homes over other kinds of stone.


However, many homeowners are starting to realize that perhaps it’s not such a great idea to let this natural stone sit there untreated for months or even years on end. Many homeowners report feeling a number of different types of aches and pains after spending months and even years on these tiles, so if this is something you’re experiencing, it may be time for you to consider slate roofing. Homeowners are urged to seek out a reputable roofing company to do the installation for them, and if you’re really interested in giving it a shot, make sure you learn a little more about this incredible option. Your home is worth it!