Volunteer engagement and team building through volunteer committees is an integral part of every organization’s success. A team and volunteer engagement committee ensures that every volunteer has a meaningful role, which contributes to the organization’s mission, while also allowing participants to have fun. Abiola Oke, manager of communications for Share & Learn at Discovery Green in Portland, Ore., and the founder of the Abiola Oke Strategies team says that “volunteers don’t want to just be involved; they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.” Through her extensive research as an expert in volunteer management, Oke has developed a series of activities, which she calls “winners-only” activities. These activities are designed to help participants relate to one another, develop skills, overcome behavioral challenges, and learn more about their community.

Leadership And Volunteer Engagement Are Necessary For Non-Profit Organizations

For her services as a volunteer engagement specialist, Abiola Oke has developed activities that use humor, hands-on learning, community involvement and ice breaker games to engage both team members and volunteers in an active way. One activity she developed for her team, called Up Vote, requires volunteers to visit websites where popular posts have been posted. Upon visiting the website, a list of five popular posts is emailed to each team member. Once at the websites, each team member is given the opportunity to “upvote” the post that they find to be most interesting, enjoyable, or even compelling. As with many of Oke’s activities, the ultimate goal of Up Vote is to increase the visibility of a candidate or organization on the internet.

Other fun and engaging activities that may be used for volunteer engagement and team building include a scavenger hunt, a trivia game, or an impromptu corporate barbecue. Each team and volunteer engagement group will determine how much time and effort will be required in order to meet these goals. The team members and volunteers who successfully complete these activities will be rewarded with a certificate of participation. When considering a program to enhance your organization’s or nonprofit’s nonprofit status, it is important to consider all the options available. From short term fundraising strategies to long-term strategic goals, nonprofit organizations need innovative ways to increase their membership, retain their donors, and grow their future revenue.