Ukraine’s military on Saturday said joint military drills with NATO troops would start in a couple of months’ time, a stage that could stir up strains with Moscow which has communicated its resistance to such a move.

NATO voiced worry on Thursday over what it said was a major Russian military development close to eastern Ukraine after Russia cautioned that a genuine heightening in the contention in Ukraine aine’s Donbas locale could “annihilate” Ukraine.

The Kremlin on Friday said that any sending of NATO troops to Ukraine would prompt further strains close to Russia’s boundaries and power Moscow to take additional actions to guarantee its own security.

Ukrainian soldiers have combat Russian-moved nonconformist powers in the eastern Donbass area in a contention Kyiv gauges has slaughtered 14,000 individuals since 2014.

The drills will include in excess of 1,000 military faculty from in any event 5 NATO part states and will be held in a couple of months, the Ukrainian military said in an assertion on Facebook on Saturday.

“Specifically, cautious activities will be worked out, trailed by a hostile to reestablish the state boundary and regional honesty of an express that has been exposed to animosity by one of the antagonistic adjoining nations,” the assertion said.