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Offering Details I will write 25 high quality tweets for your personal or business twitter account. I will include any links you send me, images, and appropriate hash-tags and keywords. Any topic, focus, or business/product is fine, just let me know what you need tweets for!
I have over twelve years of writing and editing experience, and I am ready to go to work for you! With a wide range of skills and experiences writing content for you will be no trouble at all! From the creative to the serious and the fun to the professional, I have what you need to take you to the next level! I also have experience with SEO, ghost writing, blog and website content, and more! My academic degrees include an AA in Journalism and Communications and a BA in English Communications and Psychology. I have done blog and website writing and managing for industries such as finance, travel, photography, hospitality, pet care, hobbies, entertainment, and more! I am currently helping manage more than 10 different social media campaigns and profiles for professionals, individuals, products, and sales campaigns and I can do the same for you!
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. I need links to your site, company, products, or business that you need me to promote. Any particular data and facts you want include as well as links, images and any particular hash-tags you want me to use. I will do research for other keywords and tags but I need to know specific things you would like me to address.
Extras The following optional add-ons are offered by the Writer for an additional cost. Some Extras may alter delivery timelines. Additional time requirements are listed beneath Extra price.
Make it 100 tweets
$135 +3 days
Add on a one week twitter campaign to get followers
$50 +7 days
Add on 10 facebook posts that you can share with your followers
$50 +3 days