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Success stories powered by the help of ContentRunner.

"I'm so happy to have found you. I've found, quite possibly, the most impressive content writer I've had the fortune of working with in 10-12 years.

Through this service, and on direction of one of your associates from content runner pointed me in the direction of Lisa Kroulik.

She has not only exceeded my initial expectations, but displayed the type of professionalism and ethics that I've been at a loss to find--and is now an integral part of my team.

She is a gem, your service a treasure. You make payroll effortless, and by allowing open communication between us, there is no room for dispute, conflict, or payment misunderstandings. The final written product is always exactly what I need, and we have the liberty to make your service fit for our unique needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Sandra Riehl  Saris Web Design
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"Content Runner has saved Today's Local Media a lot of time and money.

We've come across a few great writers on this site and have continued to use them over and over.

It's a very simple platform to use to distribute work and upload funds. We will continue using Content Runner and have recommended to others"
- Ben Wright  todayslocalmedia.com
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"We have been using CR for 8 months and it is the best way for us to manage 2 absolutely great content creators.

We found two people to work with and they have been producing some of the best content we have seen from an outside person.

I still think we are just getting started with using CR more and more with content creation and also social media. This is a great platform that is making our content creation much much easier."
- Mike Grabham  SendinBlue
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"Content Runner has made a huge impact on the quality of our product listings.

It makes it easy to find great writers that will deliver quality content in a timely manner, which is something that is vital to any online store.

The writers that I have had the pleasure of working with are both professional and extremely talented. Not only has Content Runner helped me to find great writers, they also make the process quick and painless. Payments are incredibly easy and allow you to avoid any unnecessary hassle. The process of uploading projects is very quick and simple, which is important when you have a lot of listings that need to be done quickly. However, what I love the most about Content Runner so far is their customer service! They are great to work with and they genuinely care about the quality of their service."
- Nicole Nelson  Skincare By Alana
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"As an agency, finding expert writers to assist with copywriting SEO content had always been a challenge due to the diversity in client industries we serve.

Thanks to ContentRunner, we no longer have to find and contract with a large number of writers or invest significant resources in managing, reviewing, approving, paying, etc.

ContentRunner is an amazing service that allows agencies to effectively connect with great freelance writers across a large number of topic areas and easily manage the process of placing and managing content orders. In addition to incorporating innovative features such as nTopic, which allows you to ensure your content is statistically keyword relevant, their processes for workflow and payment are so simple that we've discovered it's more efficient to have our other contract writers join ContentRunner so we can more effectively manage communication and projects. 2 thumbs up!"
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I like Content Runner for its easy-to-use platform and its rich pool of talented writers.

I am truly delighted with the results I achieved with CR. And, I will continue using this platform over and over again for a long time.

It’s been more than a year since I started using CR and I have found at least three good writers in the process. One of the writers, Tracee (recommended by Content Runner founder, Chad), is now my go-to person when I need timely-delivered, quality writings.
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