Set Your Own Price

On Content Runner you set your own price per unit of work! We give you the flexibility to price your content and determine the amount you want to pay based on the project. When you are new to the site reach out to writers and ask them what they charge (or let them know what you are willing to pay). You don’t want to set your prices too low or Writers may be hesitant to pick up your articles.

Concierge Service

Other companies charge extra money for a "concierge service" on their platform, here at Content Runner you get that for free! Looking for help understanding how the platform works? Send an email to and we can walk you through the details. Looking for personalized writer recommendations? Send an email to Chad Fisher (, he is a co-founder of Content Runner and can get you the writers you need to create expert content.

Transaction Fees

There is no monthly fee for using Content Runner. Content Runner makes money by taking a service fee on all transactions on the site.

Content Runner wants to encourage Writers and Users to build mutually beneficial professional relationships, so we designed our Fee Scale to reward Writers for working closely with individual Users. When a Writer works with one User frequently enough to earn $500 or more within 12 months, Content Runner will reduce the fee we take on transactions between the Writer and that User. All earnings count toward this total, including Bonuses, Offerings, and Projects.

Earnings Fee
Less than $500 15%
$500 – $999.99 14%
$1,000 – $1,999.99 13%
$2,000 – $3,999.99 12%
$4,000 – $7,999.99 11%
$8,000 – $14,999.99 10%
$15,000 – $29,999.99 9%
$30,000 – $59,999.99 8%
$60,000 or more 7%